Monday, 14 January 2008

Thought of the day

A few things occurred to me over the weekend:

  • The IAU have announced the major competitions for 2008 but no European 24 hr Championships - obviously a blip and I can only hope it returns next year (if someone can be found to organise it). Not that UKA would send a team ...
  • According to the Planet Ultramarathon world rankings for 2007 my distance in winning the Hull race - 205.028km - comes in at number 167 (UK number 7). Taking everyone's second best performance, my distance in London - 202.685km - comes in at number 33 (UK number 2). Well pleased with this.
  • Mick Jeffrey, Otley AC, has asked for suitable articles to be sent to him for February's newsletter (it's his turn to be editor). Would something by Phil Essam or Andy Milroy be suitable?
  • Caught 'Songs Of Praise' on BBCTV last night. The program was from the Orkneys but why no mention or sight of William Sichel?

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