Saturday, 5 January 2008

No recognition for ultra runners

At Thursday evening's committee meeting (I'm secretary of Otley AC, a medium sized club based in Yorkshire, England), I nominated Phil Robertson for our Runner of the Month award - in December he completed the Round Rotherham 50 in 9h 47. Considering the terrible weather and the fact that this was his first ultra I felt this was a remarkable achievement ... no one else did though.

At the meeting I was shown Athletics Weekly's (27 Dec issue) annual review. Guess what ... not a single mention of anything longer than a marathon. Another example of ultra runners getting a raw deal.

As far as my recovery goes I was doing fine until yesterday when my achilles started playing up. I guess 3 sets of 10 'step stretches' is a bit too much at the moment so I'll stick with 3 sets of 9 for a few days. Need to get up to 3 sets of 25.

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Phil Robertson said...

Just came across this - thanks Chris!!

You're right, there's a general distrust and lack of recognition of ultra-running among the traditional distance runners. Suits me!

Thanks for the acknowledgement anyway! 8 days until the West Highland Way for me. Glad you're running well and also well done on the Otley 10 organisation.