Thursday, 17 January 2008

Official 24 hour ranking list

Recovery not going too well over the past couple of days. Yesterday and today my ankle has been feeling tender (although not at the moment). It could be either: the 'Deep Heat' which I've started using again, or slightly too much cycling, or too fast a progression on the ankle strengthening exercises (now with weights in a ruck sack).

At the moment I feel it's a combination of the first and last so for now I'll stop using the 'Deep Heat' and neither increase number of exercises nor the weight in the ruck sack.

Just had a look on the IAU website and the 'official' 24 hour rankings for 2007. I'm at number 123 (UK number 7) with my London distance.

Apparently they disregard all races without an IAU Label ... which includes Hull (and lots of others apparently).

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