Monday, 18 July 2011

Selection news

Just noticed on the very good Australian Ultra Runners Association website that they have selected nine runners for the Commonwealth Championships 24 hr race.

Congratulations to Jo Blake, John Pearson, Anth Courtney, Dave Kennedy, Rick Cooke, Sharon Scholz, Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, Meredith Quinlan and Allison Lilley.  I immediately noticed that the men's defending champion, Martin Fryer, is not on that list ... but that's probably because he seems to be moving up to longer distances in recent times.

I believe, though, that Anth has injured himself in Koln recently ... I hope it's not too bad.

Strangely, the England team has not been officially announced yet but I do know that Jim Rogers, Pat Robbins, Vicky Skelton and myself have been selected.  But Vicky has recently injured her knee ...

Get well soon Vicky.

Chris Finill won't be there because he'll be half way across America with Stephen Pope ... running.

From the other English athletes I expect Sharon Gayter and Richard Quennell have also been selected.  And John Pares for Wales.  Stephen Mason and William Sichel for Scotland too although there's no news from their respective websites yet.

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