Friday, 8 July 2011

planning and training

This week I have just started planning my race in Llandudno.  This mainly involves pacing and nutrition.  I now have quite a lot of data from previous races so I am beginning to learn what works for me and what doesn't.

Although I'm always keen to try new things which may work better there is a dilemma.  Because my next race is the Commonwealth Championships (which means it's important) do I stick with what works and aim for what I know I can achieve or do I take a risk and try something a bit radical which, if it comes off, could add quite a big distance to my pb.

I know my pb is 238 km and I know I can run further than that.  The nutrition aspect seems OK although I am still learning what my body can cope with and what it rejects.  This also changes with the length of time I've been running.  I have tried something new in every race.

For me it's the pacing where the real choices are - and where the risks are - and the rewards if it comes off.

Recent training has been good and, although I'm quite out of the woods yet, I appear to not have any lingering injuries or pains after the recent 100 miler.  Last week included hill reps, a long run, cycling and a fair amount of strength work.

Next week will include two long runs, fartlek, cycling, strength work, plyometrics and, hopefully, a race in the wonderful Washburn Valley.

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