Monday, 25 July 2011

a few days rest

Just arrived home from a few days in Newcastle upon Tyne.  A while ago Iron Maiden (Fay's favourite rock band) announced a tour but as every UK date inexplicable clashed with one thing or another we couldn't get tickets.

About a week ago the sad death of a friend meant that we had nothing to do on 24 July and, by a strange twist of fate, three of Keir's friends wanted to sell their tickets for the Iron Maiden gig on that night [Metro Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne].  I snapped them up and quickly organised travel and a hotel room before telling Fay on Friday evening.

Because of that and also horse racing in Newcastle on the same day the only hotel rooms I could find were out near the Metro Centre in Gateshead.

Iron Maiden aren't really my thing, they're OK but ...  We had a good time though and Fay really enjoyed the show.

Back training tomorrow fully refreshed and rejuvenated with less than nine weeks to go before my next ultra race.

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