Sunday, 3 July 2011

Eight days later

Over a week after the 100 miler and I'm back to normal training ... well, almost.  I've got all the ingredients back but not in the same quantity as before.  That will come in another week or two.

My last couple of runs have shown that I've recovered well and that I'm all set for the final 12 weeks before this year's big race.

Recently I've been reading 'Mental Training For Runners' by Jeff Galloway which goes some to explaining the workings of Tim Noakes' Central Governor Theory (of which I am a big fan).  This book has definitely been helping me over the past few days.

I've also added a couple of things to this page.

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Richmond harrier said...

Chris, I must say I do feel for you with regards to the mistake you made but every post you seem to make reference to moving on from the episode. But then you continue to "waffle" on about it time and time again...Pick your self up and take your own advice...move on from it, its becoming a tad teidous reading your posts!
All the best.