Sunday, 3 April 2011


The weather has been lovely here for the past week or so - except for the strong wind.  I can confidently say that wind is my least favourite weather.  It's the one that interferes with running the most.  Running is possible in snow, rain, the cold and the heat if one wears appropriate clothing, but the wind causes all sorts of problems with speed and /or pacing ... making fast running twice as hard.

On Friday though I aimed for about 4.5 miles in about 29:50 (give or take 35 seconds).  Eventually I managed 29:56 which was very pleasing considering the strength of the headwind on the final 2 miles.  My splits were about 6:10, 6:31, 6:56, 6:43 and 3:36 for the final half mile.

No gloves, hats or long sleeves for a few days now ... lets hope this continues.

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Mike said...

Hi Chris,

Good blog and totally agree about the wind! I live south of Doncaster and so have to manage with long flat trots to get the mileage in. Give me anything except a blow! Have too been out all winter but only managed one outing so far at the Wuthering Hike. Now injured!

Good luck this year, I'll be reading with interest!