Thursday, 28 April 2011

plans, plans and more plans

OK so I like plans.  Plans are good ... they make things easier.

PLAN 1 - running to Grantley on Sunday morning to take part in the annual Fountains 10k.  That way I get to do a long run and a race at, more or less, the same time.  My route to Grantley - via Pool, North Rigton, Killinghall, Ripley and Sawley - is about 22 miles.  And then another long run on Monday (24 miles)

PLAN 2 - a very long run on Monday 9 May.  From York I plan to run back to Otley along the Ebor Way long distance footpath.  This is a distance of 37.75 miles and I'm looking forward to a good day out.  When I last did this run it rained so much during the middle third of the route that I had to buy another map in Wetherby to replace the one which had become too soggy to use.  Looking back through my old training diaries to find when that was I was surprised that I had to go all the way back to July 2004 - almost two years before my first ultra race.  I guess even then I must have been seriously considering 'moving up' ... but that was even before my one and only marathon.

PLANS 3 & 4 - putting together pacing and feeding/drinking plans for my first ultra of the year.  The ULTRArace 100 on Friday 24 June.  All this information will have to be given to my crew when finalised so that between us we can iron out anything that may be impractical or that I've forgotten or that's just plain wrong - yes that does happen sometimes so it's always worthwhile having someone else check things over.

Then it's on to Llandudno in September for this year's big race ... and more plans.  It gives me something to do between training sessions !!!!

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