Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Good few days running

On Monday afternoon I set off for my first long run of the week - 19 miles to Bradford and back via Hollins Hill.  The idea was to run this fartlek style with the fast segments being lasting about 4 minutes and the recovery phases just over 3 minutes.  Exceptionally pleased to get back home in 2h 23.  Just over 7:30 per mile (4:40 per km).

Then, on Tuesday, came another long run in the morning and the club's handicap in the evening.  The long run was 21 miles to the far side of Addingham and back.  Planned to be a relaxed run but not a flat route.  This took 3 hours exactly.  Then, 8 hours later, it was time for some speedwork !!!  4 miles around Fewston Reservoir.

A very good event with over 30 others from Otley AC.  I was exceptionally pleased with my 26:05 on the undulating course.  My fastest time since the year 2000.  The training is obviously going well.

Oh yes ... in the afternoon I spent half an hour with the weights.

On Sunday I entered the Fountains 10k.  A local race near Ripon in North Yorkshire.  That event takes place on Sunday 1 May and the idea is to run the 22 or so miles to the start before the race ... and for Mick Jeffrey to bring me home after the race.  Something to look forward to if the weather is as good as it has been recently.

Click here to see the other races I plan to take part in this year.

Sad to hear the news of the recent death of the great Norwegian runner Grete Waitz.  One of my all time favourite runners and someone whose career I followed and admired in the 1970s and 1980s.

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