Friday, 15 April 2011

easy week

As I'm just coming to the end of an easy week's training I thought I'd briefly review how the past seven days have gone.

Saturday 9 April ... (am) 50 mins cycling ... (pm) strength work and stretching
Sunday 10 April ... rest and recovery
Monday 11 April ... (am) 27 miles steady ... (pm) strength work and stretching
Tuesday 12 April ... (am) walking ... (pm) strength work and stretching
Wednesday 13 April  ... (am) hill reps ... (pm) strength work and stretching
Thursday 14 April ... (am) strength work ... (pm) 7 miles fast-ish and stretching
Friday 15 April ... lazy day !!!

Let's look at some of those things in a bit more detail:

Monday's long run was, as I mentioned in a previous post, very enjoyable and I plan to repeat the experience in four week's time during my next 'easy week'.  Then it will be 34.5 miles (55.5 km).  A very good confidence builder.

The walking is something that I've started this year because during a 24 hour race I'll walk for about 230 minutes.  So it makes sense to spend that time wisely and hopefully the training will help.

Hill reps.  Seven times up Farnley Lane on the outskirts of Otley.  Beginning at the post box on the right at the bottom and ending half a mile up at the footpath on the left which goes over the fields to Copmanroyd Farm.

Thursday's fast run.  Planned to run somewhere between 6:30 and 6:45 per mile using the Otley 10 mile markers.  Easily managed 6:35 per mile which I'm very pleased with.

Looking forward now to some shorter races beginning next month with the first event in the Harrogate League.

Feel good at the moment - hope it continues.

Next week the training is back to normal with two long runs (approx 20 miles each), club handicap, fartlek and hill reps as well as the extras ... strength, flexibility, walking, etc.

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