Thursday, 27 January 2011

rehab stage 3

The last few days have gone extremely well and, beginning tomorrow, I feel able to progress from alternating running and walking to continuously running.

Starting with 35 minutes in the morning and slowly building up to 60 minutes and if all goes well I can go back to 'normal' training on 12 February.

Still cycling, stretching and using weights almost every day - and that's doing me good.  And I'm enjoying it.

A couple of things from other sites to mention:

The England Athletics website has a good photo on this page which was taken about 5 minutes before the 24 hr race at last year's Perth Ultra Fest.  The article is about the forthcoming Anglo Celtic Plate 100k which will also be held in Perth this year.  Before injury struck I was seriously considering entering the open race as part of my build up to the Commonwealth Championships later in the year.

Steve Quick recently posted a short piece about nutrition on his blog.  I know there's a lot of interest on various blogs at the moment about nutrition and he seems to be saying something along the lines of:  if one doesn't use carbohydrates to fuel long training runs then one's body won't know what to do with the carbohydrates it receives in a race.  Seems sensible to me.

Helped Fay look after 13 young scouts [beavers] yesterday evening when they all went to the pantomime in Burley.  The show itself was quite good actually but everything else proved to be a nightmare.  There was a group of cub scouts there from Otley and together we bought 31 tickets ... but they only sent us 26 and we didn't realise until ten minutes before showtime.  Frantic negotiations ensued to ensure we weren't turned away ... the children would not have been happy.

We sorted that out but as a result we would not be able to all sit together.  And I had to sit between a very old couple who refused to sit next to one another !!!  That's right, the old woman was sat on seat C1 and her husband on seat C3.  And neither of them would move.  They hadn't had a row and they weren't arguing ... just talking around me as I was in seat C2.  I couldn't believe it.

And why do old people think the youth of today are bad mannered ?

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SteveQ said...

Thanks for the shout out. If anyone can follow that confused ramble, they've probably crewed in the later stages of an ultra!