Saturday, 22 January 2011

getting better ...

Not sure what I can write about today but there is a need to write something so that I don't end up on John Kynaston's '... blogs Hall of Shame'

Rehab is going particularly well at the moment and I've ditched my old friends Ib and Ic (not sure what happened to Ia !!!).  Hope they don't mind, I'm sure they realise that we'll meet again sometime and it'll be as if we've never been apart.

My weight has also started falling, slowly at the moment but that's OK ... there's no rush.

At the moment there's quite a bit going on in the background with my other running activities - helping with the organisation of two races staged by Otley AC.  The annual Otley 10 will be on Wednesday 8 June and we have also been asked to host a race as part of the Harrogate League which will use a different course to the one we usually use.

I'm not race director for these races though.  I gave that up in May 2009 because of time constraints; I'm just helping where and when I can.  And that suits me fine because when I step up my training in a few weeks time that's all I'll be able to manage anyway.

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