Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year rehab

Welcome to 2011.

After a bad December I seem to have recovered a bit of enthusiasm and professionalism this month.  Cycled every day this year and rehabilitation exercises have been performed at least three times per day.

Other strength training has continued as normal along with my usual stretching routine.  All in all I feel good and enthusiastic about the challenges for the year - mainly the Commonwealth 24 hr Championships in September.

Spent new year's day drawing up a plan to get back into running which will see me begin with alternation running and walking (5 minutes each) for 40 minutes.  Increasing that to 70 minutes before running continuously for 35 minutes.  Then slowly increasing the length of a continuous run until I can manage an hour.

Then I can begin running/training as normal ... I expect normal training to resume on Sunday 13 February with the first week being somewhere between 40 and 45 miles (64 to 72 km).

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