Saturday, 8 January 2011

nutritional ranking !!!!

In my last post I mentioned the official IAU World Rankings and the fact that if every race was included (not just those with an IAU label) the list would be slightly different.

This German website included all those other races and shows that for 2010 my unofficial ranking rose to 37 from 44 in 2009.  Very pleased with that but I know there's still a lot more to come.

Also ... there's a very good post on Andy DuBois blog about nutrition and ultra running.  I'm not sure where my thoughts lie regarding this one.  I recognise the need to metabolise fats efficiently during a race ... but how to train the body to do that, and is it worth the effort anyway ?

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GaryB said...

Hi I read Andy's blog too and found it very interesting. I decided to do alittle more research on the web and found peak performances article to be the most informative in how to train in a low glycogen state but i still think there are to many unanswered questions for me to even consider trying it anytime soon. One of my main concern is muscle tissue breakdown leading to loss of muscle mass and strength losses especially in sports where combined endurance and strenght are needed (mountian matathons and ultra trail races etc?)

Heres a link if you would like to take alook at the training involved and posible negitives.