Friday, 6 August 2010

recent running

Just a short post about the last three days running ...

WEDNESDAY:  long run ... 25+ miles in about 3h 30.  Basically ran from Otley to Silsden and back, quite boring but a good run with a few largish hills.

THURSDAY (am):  long run ... not quite 25 miles fartlek.  This took about 3h 15 and included the large hill from Kirkstall to Headingley and also the hill from Burley almost to Guiseley.  Also included 5.7 miles of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

THURSDAY (pm):  a steady six miles with Colin, Jack and Matthew of Otley AC.  Good to see Julian running again after his recent health scare.

FRIDAY:  eight miles tempo.  The target was somewhere between 52:48 and 54:15.  I could only manage 55:36 but I suppose that wasn't too bad after the previous two days which also included the usual cycling and other exercises.

Rest day tomorrow then seven days of crash training beginning on Sunday.

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