Friday, 13 August 2010

crash training (day 6)

0730 ... tempo run.  Planned to run 8.4 miles at about 6:45 per mile.  Unfortunately the wind and the rain put paid to that idea (this week's heavy training didn't help either) and I managed the 8.4 miles at about 7:23 per mile.  RUBBISH.  Developed a nervous twitch during this run !!!  After training I had a Clif Builder's Bar for protein replacement - it was very good, definitely moorish.

1350 ... 50 minutes on the bike followed by stretching and strength & conditioning work.

1900 ... about 6.5 miles steady.  For the first two or three miles of this run the outside of my right foot ached quite badly.  Iced it for 15 - 20 minutes when I got home.  Should be OK for tomorrow's race.

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