Sunday, 9 May 2010

leaving soon ...

Well, this will be the last post on my blog before the World Championships.

The last couple of weeks have gone extremely well.  Tapering hard with no long runs but plenty of speedwork and a much reduced overall weekly mileage. Eating more food than usual too ... and losing a bit of weight [not that he had much to lose - Fay].

On a slightly different, rather sad note, it has just been announced that the race director for Brive has recently died.  See the IAU website for more details.

Also on the IAU website is the news that they will be offering live updates throughout the race, along with interviews and other items of interest.

The race website is likely to have live coverage throughout the event for those that are interested.  The race starts at 10.00am local time on Thursday (9.00am UK time).

I've also just found out that England Athletics have posted qualification details for the Perth Ultra 24 Hour Six Nations Home International Team Race which should be read in conjunction with the word document, a link to which can be found on the right of the England Athletics page - beneath the logo.  At the moment I know I have the qualification so I'm not thinking about that one.  Just the one in a few days time - if the Icelandic volcano is kind to us.


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

best of luck Chris!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Chris with your big race.

Ian Fisher

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