Tuesday, 18 May 2010

initial thoughts and questions

At least eleven national records from the 229 competitors shows what a high quality field it was.  Generally, 100 miles is seen as a good performance and at Tooting Bec the organisers try to have 25% above that distance, in Brive it was over 75%.

Eight runners over 250k, 43 over 225k, 100 over 200k.
Twenty one runners over 150 miles, 98 over 125 miles, 173 over 100 miles.
A true World Championship.

For my part there are a few questions:

- the temperature was consistently about 9 degrees Celsius (16 degrees F) below average. Did my heat training therefore have an adverse affect on my performance ?
- my plan was to start at about 7:45 per mile and gradually slow down to about 9:45 per mile at the end. Would I have done better if those figures had been 8:00 and 9:30 ?
- did I take my caffeine tablets at the most appropriate times, would they be better used when I feel a bad patch coming on ?
- cramp, why ?

Other thoughts/memories:

- the American woman, Amy Palmiero-Winters ran with a prosthetic leg but every few hours had to have the dressing on her stump changed.  She ran very close to 200km.  My hero for the race.
- Jim Rogers had been drinking beetroot juice for a week before the race. He ran a very good pb.
- my hydration plan worked exceptionally well.
- six portaloos for over 200 runners wasn't enough.
- the meals provided by the organisers before and after the race were excellent.
- the crowd support was absolutely amazing.  Hundreds of people lining the course, especially near the feed stations, made for a very special atmosphere.

I feel much more myself today, not running yet though - I'll save that for Thursday.  Hopefully the full race report will make an appearance in the next few days.

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