Sunday, 16 May 2010

happy ... and a bit disappointed

Just a short update - I've basically spent today catching up with news and family stuff.  I'll post more stuff tomorrow.

The World Championships in Brive was a fantastic event.  Thirty two countries and well over 200 runners.

I passed 100k with a pb but at 99.8 miles it began to slowly fall apart.  Passed 100 miles in 15h 22 (a pb by 18 mins) but cramp, nausea, etc made things very difficult for the last 7 - 8 hours.

Still managed over 222k and a team bronze medal in the concurrent European Championships.

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HughP said...

I was following on the live timing updates and could see that things were going OK when I went to bed at 10pm so was a bit surprised to see that you had dropped back significantly overnight.
Nonetheless a European Champs medal is a significant achievment. Who knows what will happen in the next race?
Well done. Millenium Way Relay next ;-)