Wednesday, 7 April 2010

getting a cold ... but a couple of things to look forward to

Well ... I've been lucky so far but I suppose it couldn't hold out forever.  Fay has had a bad cough for about four weeks now and that developed into a cold about ten days ago.  Despite taking 1000mg vitamin C daily (just in case) I have now started showing symptoms of a cold.  Not a cough though, which is a good sign.

Training has now become quite daunting at times (nothing to do with my cold) as I get closer and closer to the big race.   On Monday this week I ran 25 miles in the morning and cycled for about an hour in the evening.  Yesterday was strength/conditioning stuff in the morning and 25 miles fartlek in the afternoon.   Using the Otley 10 route.  Hard work - windy too.

Although the rest of this week will be tempo running and hill reps I do plan to take things slightly easier than planned to avoid making my cold any worse than necessary. A couple of things to look forward to this month though.

The first is the monthly Otley AC handicap.  For one reason or another I haven't been able to run one this year so I'm looking forward to this event at Eccup (near Leeds) on Saturday morning.  The route is about 6 miles and then I'll probably run home - another 7.5 miles.

At the end of the month is the first race in the Harrogate League.  A very enjoyable series of five races organised by local clubs over distances of 5 to 7 miles.  The first is in Ilkley and is only two weeks before Brive.

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