Sunday, 25 April 2010

rain, coffee and the London Marathon

This afternoon there was a rather large thunderstorm accompanied by a very heavy downpour.  Needless to say I was running at the time and arrived home rather wet.  And so were all my clothes.  Lots of them.

In places the rain was so heavy that puddles stretched all the way across the road ... three or four inches deep.  Not an enjoyable fartlek session - character building though.  Made all the worse as I don't have any decent coffee to come home to.  For the next three weeks it's all decaffeinated, I finished some excellent coffee from the Sanani area of Yemen just a few days ago though.  Maybe get some more after the World Championships.

Earlier in the day it was London Marathon time.  Chris Finill (of the UK 24 hour team) ran again.  He's one of a small group of people to have completed every London Marathon.  He ran 2h 52 this time.  Personally I think it's a bit too close to the race in Brive but I know that every runner prepares differently and no two training schedules are alike.

From my fellow members of Otley AC Scott Harrington probably had the best run, he was comfortably under three hours. Neil O'Brien was probably the unluckiest - missing the four hour target by a measly eleven seconds.

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