Wednesday, 14 April 2010

a strange day

Let me start by recounting yesterday's training.  In the morning (7.30am) I left home for a 25 miler taking in an eight mile stretch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.  Overall time 3h 35 ... no problem at all.

In the evening I spent an hour doing strength and conditioning followed by some stretching.  I did this in lots of extra clothing and in an extra warm room.  Again no problems at all ... apart from lots of sweat.

This morning my heart rate was quite a bit higher than normal ... usually in the morning it's about 43 to 44 bpm but this morning it was 51 bpm.  An increase of well over 15%.  I thought that perhaps my cold was about to get worse.

7.15am - headache started ... took two ibuprofen

7.30am - spent 50 minutes on the bike. Wearing lots of clothes and in a very warm room. Headache fading.

9.00am - headache returns with a vengeance. Took two more ibuprofen.

9.30am - feeling very ill now, and getting worse. Symptoms were: headache, feeling cold even though the air temperature is 22 degrees C (71.6 degrees F), restlessness, complete lack of appetite, extreme sleepiness.

11.00am - managed to get into the kitchen to make myself a large cup of coffee.

noon - beginning to feel a bit better.

1.00pm - feeling almost normal.

2.00pm - went for a run ... 13.2 miles in 1h 50. Pleased with that considering I didn't push the pace at all and this morning's experiences were always at the back of my mind.

4.00pm - everything back to normal ... but what will tomorrow bring ?

I can see I'll have to be careful with this heat training thing.

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