Friday, 30 April 2010

first open race this year

First race of the Harrogate League last night - in Ilkley.  The weather wasn't too good.   It rained the whole time, not too warm either.  Overall though my impressions this morning are that I ran it like a hard training session rather than a race ... I felt comfortable all the way around the 4.9 mile course and never really pushed myself.

I know there is a big hill between about 0.75 and 1.75 miles but my time of 33:01 just about sums it up for me (6:45 per mile).  Not brilliant but a good training session nonetheless with less than two weeks to go now before the big one.  Full results are here and other details are here.

Thanks to Ilkley Harriers for organising things - it was worth being out in the rain for over an hour just for the food ... wonderful.

Ah yes , before I go, the full list of runners for the 24 hr World Championships has been released.  There are 153 men and 81 women on the start list.   If I hit my target distance and everyone else equals their pb I'll finish 25th.  My lowest ever placing in a 24 hour race - my previous lowest was 13th (in my first one).

For those that are interested the list can be viewed on the IAU website.  Click on the arrows to the right of (30 Apr).

To end on a positive note - in percentage terms that predicted finishing position is slightly better than my performance in Keswick last year.

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