Wednesday, 31 March 2010

An article recently appeared in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus which can be read here.  And if you missed the official team announcement by UK Athletics - here it is.

About that race ... the official website now has started posting team lists - and there are some interesting names NOT appearing.  Two that immediately spring to mind are the top Japanese runners Ryoichi Sekiya (over 263k last year) and Mami Kudo (254.425k last December - new women's world record).  Also missing from Brive will be Martin Fryer who won the Commonwealth Championships last year for Australia.

Following my coffee policy mentioned in a post earlier this month I've been drinking Starbucks French Roast this week.  It seems to be an acquired taste - very dark roasted (burnt almost) and smoky sweet - but I seem to be enjoying it more with each passing day.  Something good from Taylor's Of Harrogate next week, more on that later.  Perhaps.

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