Sunday, 28 February 2010

Keir's first 10k

This morning Keir took part in the Huddersfield 10k road race.  He decided last summer that he would do this as part of His Duke of Edinbugh (silver) Award.

For the last six months he has been very dedicated and ran three times a week in addition to his usual PE and games at school.  He also went swimming regularly on Sunday mornings.

His result for the hilly 10k race surprised me and Fay.  I even think he surprised himself.  At 15 years of age he was the youngest runner in the race and he finished 264th out of 429 with a time of 54:51.

Very pleased with him for obviously putting in lots of effort in training and not shirking in the recent bad weather ... in fact I'M RATHER PROUD OF HIM.

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