Wednesday, 10 February 2010


It's still very cold over here in Yorkshire.  This morning's run felt, at times, as though I was running on an ice rink.  Over the nine miles my stopwatch showed that I ran about 15 seconds per mile quicker than my target pace - I expected AT LEAST 15 seconds per mile slower than my target pace.

Happy with that.

Lots of ice about this morning although, for some strange reason, the major roads are far worse than the minor roads.  We have had a couple of snow showers too - there's one right now which seems quite heavy.  I don't expect the snow to remain on the ground very long though.

Although the past few weeks have been very cold we haven't had much snow compared to mid December to mid January when we had loads of the stuff.  It seems that Washington DC is getting all the white stuff at the moment.  See Dan Rose's blog of 6 February for some wonderful photos.

I must admit that I'm getting a bit fed up with all this coldness now.  The temperature's been below average all year - often by 5 or more degrees.

Why are we Brits so obsessed with the weather ?

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