Monday, 8 February 2010

some thoughts ... and coffee !!!

I didn't really want to explain what I thought the differences were between Britain's selection policy and that of Australia because I think it would be better if I kept out of the politics surrounding these things.

However, since Anth asks, my thoughts - in brief - are:
  1. in last September's Commonwealth Championships the Australian men finished first, second and seventh.  UK men were third, fourth and fifth
  2. in general the Australian men seem to be running far greater distances than the UK men and do much better in championship events
  3. things are slightly different for the Australian women who seem to be of a similar standard to British women
  4. therefore it seems strange to me that the Australian athletics authorities have a lower qualifying standard than UK Athletics
  5. and to pay your own travel and kit expenses for representing your country seems insane to me ...
Writing about these things reminds me that the UK selectors met two days ago to choose the team for the World 24 hr Championships in Brive.  I wonder what their decision was.

For me, last week was an easy training week.

Day 1 - 50 mins cycling and stretching
Day 2 - 5 miles at 10k pace, strength training and stretching
Day 3 - rest
Day 4 - 23 miles, 50 mins cycling and stretching
Day 5 - strength training and stretching
Day 6 - hill reps (x 16), 50 mins cycling and stretching
Day 7 - 7 miles fartlek, strength training and stretching

During that week I was drinking a wonderful coffee from the Sanani region of Yemen.  Chocolately, spicy, winelike, almost dark roast ... fantastic.

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Anth said...


Cheers for the explanation.

I think it is purely because even though we have guys who are at the top end of the Comm Championships, our next 3-5 guys aren't quite at the distances that the UK guys are. You certainly have a strong pool of runners to choose from (as you've been mulling over for a while) whereas we probably don't have that pool (yet).