Friday, 9 January 2009

Very Cold

Almost reached the end of my first 'proper' week's training for the big challenge at the end of May.  It's been a very cold week (no snow - just very cold) ... on Monday and Tuesday I had to wear three pairs of gloves when out running.  Of course I also wore stuff on my legs, arms, body and head ... and feet too.

On Wednesday and Thursday I had a pair of thermal gloves on my hands as well as a pair of socks for extra warmth - not as stupid as it seems: running socks are a thick, close knit fabric and act as mittens trapping warm air - my hands were still cold for the first twenty minutes or so.

A good run with the club last night though - six or seven miles at a fairly fast pace with a couple of newer members. I felt good last night, better than expected after a 10k run in the morning and 35 minutes of strength/conditioning exercises in the afternoon.

Only wore two pairs of gloves too.

Started a new page to chronicle all things relating to my very long run in late May - see it here.

Also updated this page.

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