Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hello all ... time for a brief look back at what was, for me, a very successful year's running.

JANUARY TO MARCH - injured but doing lots of cross training to maintain fitness.
MARCH TO JULY - training hard for the Hull 24hr race where I ran a pb of 221 km. Training included an age graded 5k pb in May.
JULY TO OCTOBER - training for the Tooting Bec 24hr race included my best age graded 10k time for ten years. In London I ran over 228 km to break through the 140 mile barrier and record a qualifying distance for next year's Commonwealth Championships.
OCTOBER TO DECEMBER - minor knee injury in November. Planned to run in Athens 48hr race to raise funds in aid of Orchid but then lost my job and funding from a High Street retailer.

Overall then a very good year but December I could have done without.

From the d.u.v. website I've extracted the following stats for 24 hr races in 2008:

World ranking (road and track races) ... 56
World ranking (track races only) ... 14
World ranking (road and track races - M40) ... 18
World ranking (track races only - M40) ... 5

European ranking (road and track races) ... 45
European ranking (track races only) ... 11
European ranking (road and track races - M40) ... 12
European ranking (track races only - M40) ... 3

UK ranking (road and track races) ... 3
UK ranking (track races only) ... 2
UK ranking (road and track races - M40) ... 2
UK ranking (track races only - M40) ... 1

England ranking (road and track races) ... 2
England ranking (track races only) ... 2
England ranking (road and track races - M40) ... 1
England ranking (track races only - M40) ... 1

Using the same website the following stats refer to IAU labelled races. This means that my OFFICIAL 2008 rankings will be:

World (road and track races) ... 39
World (track races only) ... 5
World (road and track races - M40) ... 14
World (track races only - M40) ... 2

Europe (road and track races) ...31
Europe (track races only) ... 3
Europe (road and track races - M40) ... 10
Europe (track races only - M40) - 1

UK (road and track races) ... 2
UK (track races only) ... 2
UK (road and track races - M40) ... 1
UK (track races only - M40) ... 1

England (road and track races) ... 2
England (track races only) ... 2
England (road and track races - M40) ... 1
England (track races only - M40) ... 1

2008 was obviously a good year racing wise but 2009 may not be quite so good.

Please also find updates to the stuff on the left of this page and also to this page and this one too.

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