Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Challenge

Charity Number 1080540

After the disappointment of December and having to withdraw from the race in Athens I've been thinking of another way to raise funds in aid of Orchid whilst using my 'ultra running talents'.

My main focus for this year is the Commonwealth Ultra Running Championships in September so anything I do has to part of my overall planning for that. I would also like the event to pander to my competitive nature ... and, for the time being, not involve huge sums of money travelling to the venue.

So ... I've decided that beginning on Saturday 24 May 2009 I'll run from my home town of Otley all the way to London. The approximate distance is about 210 miles (over the next few weeks I'll get an accurate measurement) and my proposed route can be viewed here.

For my competitive nature: in late May 1985 Mike Newton ran the following on the London to Peterborough road:
1) 300 km in 36h 26:29
2) 200 miles in 38h 22:15
3) in 48 hr he covered 363.228 km

Although these are not official British Records they are apparently the best recorded performances and it would be a good incentive to try and better one or more of them.

Also, they'll be an inaugural time for Leeds to London for other runners to aim for.

Well, that's my target for late May. Must get back to training now. There'll be regular updates regarding the route, how to donate and other relevant stuff about the run.

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