Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Last minute preparations

This morning I went for my last run before the weekend's race - 7 miles fartlek. Only a cycling session tomorrow to go now [except stretching, wobble board work, ankle massage and eccentric achilles stretches].

Last minute preparations are underway - mainly regarding nutrition and making sure I have everything I need and also that Fay & Keir are familiar with the plans.

Last night I tried a palatability test: 450ml skimmed milk with 1 teaspoon table salt. Not too bad, not too nice either but definitely drinkable.

William Sichel writes on his website: "A strong field have entered and the race is likely to be the strongest 24hr race in the UK for a long time."

No pressure then ...

Oh yes, I noticed today that the nervous twitch has disappeared - a good omen perhaps.

One more thing ... I found this on the Runner's World website. I've also added it to this page.

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Pat Brew said...

Chris - Good Luck this weekend! I'll be checking to see how you do. You have my utmost admiration!
Pat Brew, Harrogate Harriers & AC