Saturday, 14 January 2012

newspaper article ... weather ... good news

Well ... all was good at the physio last Wednesday and I'm now able to run continuously for about 40 minutes and gradually increase that to 60 minutes over the next two weeks or so.  The ankle has been feeling better by the day and now I have no problems at all although I am still icing the area three times a day and will continue doing so until the end of January.

Then I'll gradually phase that out along with the eccentric stretching exercises although the latter will take about six more months.

The time I spent with Lee Sobot and a photographer (Bruce Rollinson) on Tuesday was very enjoyable and productive.  Their work appeared in today's Yorkshire Evening Post.  The article can also be read on that newspapers website - here.

Also this week the weather here has been very strange.  At the beginning of the week I was able to run wearing only shorts and a T shirt but only four days later I found myself with tracksters, two tops, a hat and three pairs of gloves (and still had cold fingers).  This week all my training runs were at the same time of day yet the temperature ranged from 9.4 C (48.9 F) to -0.6 C (30.9 F).  The mean for Yorkshire at this time of year is about 7 C (45 F).  Very strange.

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Jerry Smallwood said...

Great article in Yorkshire Evening Post Chris and really crystalizes what you do. I couldn't agree more about the weather, shorts and shirt at the end of the week, -2 C on Sunday for a 50km run and I will be in thermal long-sleeved top, short top and waterproof smock and Skins' leggings...well it is winter :-) Thanks for the update