Saturday, 21 January 2012

mixed scores this week

Last Sunday was a bad running day.  The 40 minute outing could only be given a score of 95% which was a backward step after previous runs had been almost 100%.  Very disappointing.  Since then however things have improved every day and the last two days saw the 50 minute runs both given a perfect score of 100%.

Feeling good now as we head into a new week and hopefully things will continue to be 'perfect'.  Of course the cycling and weight training has been continuing as usual and has hardly been affected by the injury.

The weather hasn't been quite a s cold over the past few days but I was interested to read an article about running in cold weather on the Sweat Science website (in brief) and on The Globe And Mail website (in full).

It seems that to avoid cold fingers ... wear a balaclava.  I haven't seen one of those in Yorkshire since the 1970s though.

Maybe a hat will suffice.

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