Saturday, 28 January 2012

here we go ...

The trip to the physio provided some excellent news.  The stress fracture to my left calcaneous has fully healed now and the achilles tendinosis in the same leg is well under control.  So much that it's now easier to get fitter than it is to relapse ... so long as I keep up the good work regarding rehab.

That's ice, exercises and being sensible.

Elsewhere in the news congratulations to Lizzy Hawker who was recently awarded the title 'athlete of the year 2011' by the IAU.  Mainly because of her outstanding run in Llandudno at the Commonwealth Championships where she set a new world best performance (24 hr road) of 247.076 km (153.526 miles).

The fourth issue of Nordic Ultra e-magazine is now available.  Another good read, see for yourself on their website.

Yesterday Keir came home from school with the news that he and some other students have been selected to visit Auschwitz concentration camp in May as part of their history A level course.  That will be an amazing experience for him and I know he'll get a lot out of that trip.  It now seems very likely that he'll be going to either Queen's University, Belfast or Ulster University from next September ... so long as he gets the required grades in the summer's exams.  We all know he's capable but it's just a question of proving it to the examiner.

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Torill F H said...

my congrats to your son! And thanks for sharing all news. Always like reading your posts