Thursday, 9 June 2011

Otley 10

The 27th running of the Otley 10 took place yesterday evening.  As usual I helped out where I could - setting up stuff in the morning and working as a finish recorder during the race itself.  I also did various other miscellaneous stuff during the course of the evening.

I'm not actually the race director any more.  Colin Best now has that thankless task - and he did an excellent job too.

This year Keir was running his first 10 mile race [it was my first 10 miler too - back in 1992].  He knew the course was a difficult one but I'm not sure he quite appreciated just how energy sapping that second big hill would be.  He finished in 1h 40 and I'm very proud of him.   At 17 years and 10 days he was by far the youngest runner and I'm sure he'll enjoy his well earned memento - a bottle of beer !!!

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