Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Last minute preparations

Yesterday morning I ran a  6 mile fartlek session - with lots of extra layers - heat training.  Following the tried and tested advice of Ron Daws and others I wore 3 T shirts, a long sleeved top, a sweatshirt and a rain proof jacket.  It wasn't raining but ... every bit helps !!

In case you were wondering ... I also had three layers on my legs.  Tracksters, track suit and shower proof trousers.

As expected my sweat rate was well over 2000ml per hour.  Over three times what I would normally expect for such a run.

That's the heat training finished.  Nine times in the last three weeks is about right.  I know it works if the race is in hot weather but it is very difficult to quantify if the race is in the same conditions as the training.  I know the science is sound but how can I test whether it has worked or not ?

With the race just over three days away now I've started applying vaseline to my feet morning, noon and night (and wearing old socks) in an attempt to prevent blisters which are the bane of many ultra runners.  Luckily I very rarely have blister problems - maybe it's because of all the vaseline I use.

Yesterday my crew and I went through some stuff and checked details, etc.  It's always good to have input from another person, especially crew, because it's essential to strike a balance between what works for the runner and what is practical from a crewing perspective.  We'll go through everything for a final time on Thursday afternoon/evening.

Feel good now and ready to go.  The first big test of the year and soon I'll know whether my training is on course for a good performance at the Commonwealth Championships.  Hopefully I'll also have lots more info about nutrition (particularly protein and potassium) and also whether I can run a bit slower at the start and quicker at the end (ie slow down less during the race).

All this info is vital for good ultra performances.

More than that though ... I'm just looking to enjoy the race and I hope the weather isn't too bad.  The current forecast is for the temperature to be 17 C during Friday afternoon, dropping to 11 C at night.  Dry during the day but perhaps a little rain overnight into Saturday morning.  Winds of 11 mph from the west dropping to 6 mph later.  Overall that sounds OK to me.

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