Sunday, 12 June 2011

11 years into the 21st century

At last I've taken the plunge and started using some of the available technology to have my posts appear on facebook.  I know it's taken a while but it was suggested Carl Walsh (whose company - The Divan Centre was my first sponsor).

It's taken a day or two to sort out but I've also added something on the right which allows followers (or others) to receive an email notification every time I post something.  Perhaps it my be of use to you.

And there's also a light-hearted poll on the right.  I'd better say a couple of things about that ... my training has gone very well and I'm fit and confident.  I haven't trained specifically for this race though so, in effect, this has come at the very end of a long period of base training.  My training is all geared up to running well in Llandudno in September.

Back to the usual stuff.  Yesterday Keir went to a scout camp near Bingley.  I went with him on the train and ran home.  It was a wonderful evening and a good run over the moors - just over 9 miles in total.  Came across Dick Hudson but decided not to stop a while ...

I know a lot of runners find tapering quite difficult but for me it's an opportunity to catch up with a few things I've had to put off because of a lack of time due to all the training I've been doing.  It's also a good time to relax and reflect on the race to come ... less than two weeks now.

Fay is also organising a camp for the very young members of the scouting organisation - called Beavers at that age.  She began hers at 7.00pm yesterday and they all had an adventure filled night sleeping in the scout hut (it really is an adventure for 6 - 7 year olds).  Today they will be going to Ilkley where there are lots of activities planned for this afternoon ... I hope the dry weather continues for them.

Keir is due home at about 5.00pm and Fay at about 7.30pm.  Until then I've got the house to myself.

Peace at last !!!


phil and annas blog said...

chris the course record for the Ultra 100 is 18h 38mins

Chris Carver said...

OK ... thanks for that. Consider it changed. But does that make my task a bit easier !!!

phil and annas blog said...

It gives you 16mins grace, but I guess your looking to go sub 17 and truly smash the record, which will be something to witness. Im running this one again, im hoping for a sub 20 but having still got the GUCR in my legs it might prove an intresting task...