Tuesday, 28 June 2011

the future

Alright it's time to move on.  I took a tiny short cut and paid the penalty for my mistake.  On the plus side - very nearly 100 miles in about 17 hours 43 when it's raining for over 60% of that time - I do realise that was a good run in the conditions but a bit slower than I would have liked.

Yesterday was the day when all the emotions finally caught up with me ... anger at myself, exhaustion, pain, feelings of a wasted 18 hours, letting down my crew (who was brilliant), etc.  If anyone was caught in the crossfire please accept my apologies.

As I said before I really enjoyed it despite the rain and I'm sure these experiences will only make me stronger mentally in the long run (excuse the pun).

I've started work on the report which follows all my ultra races and that will appear only on this site in due course.

Right, let's draw a line under the Cotswold 100 ... please.

Last night Norman Wilson phoned to confirm my selection for the Commonwealth Championships 24 hr race in Llandudno in late September.  Hope to do better than last time when I finished fifth with 231 km and came away with a team silver medal.  My report of the first Commonwealth Championships - Keswick, 2009 - can be read here.

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Richard S said...

Chris. I really felt for you when I heard the news but I am pleased you are putting this one to bed and taking that negative energy and focus it into something really positive i.e. Commonwealth selection / other races

As a relative newcomer to the sport it's people like you that inspire me to reach as high as I possibly can. I value your holisitc approach to the world of ultra running and the personal experience you have to offer the ultra running community is invaluable.

Although I do not comment a lot on here I read your blog avidly as a great source of reference / learning when I do not which way to turn.

I wish you all the best and keep those legs moving.