Wednesday, 25 May 2011

a tale of two runs

Two long runs this week - originally planned for Monday and Tuesday but postponed until Tuesday and Wednesday because of the excessive wind speeds in Wharfedale (above 50 mpw around here on Monday ... gusts were much more severe).

For the first run (yesterday afternoon) I decided on 25.6 miles fartlek (on a hilly route).  Because it was still blowing a gale I decided to run three loops of 8 - 9 miles each which would minimise the time spent in a headwind.  After a suitable period of steady running I planned to alternate 5:10 hard with 3:45 easy ... although it was difficult, I persevered and was rewarded with a finishing time well under 3h 15.  The idea was to run the hard sections at about 10k pace.

The second run (this morning) was just a nice and easy 28.2 miles testing out different foods, clothes, pacing, etc.  The weather was much kinder - less wind and warmer too.  At the end the watch showed 3h 55 ... and it seemed incredibly easy.  Learned a bit more too which is always good.

Harrogate League race in Harrogate tomorrow evening.  Hope the weather holds out.

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