Wednesday, 4 May 2011

quick update

Having sought advice on my painful foot (see previous post) ... and following that advice ... I can now report that ibuprofen, rest, ice and the use of 'ball of foot cushions' from Scholl are beginning to reduce the inflammation and pain.  Unfortunately the cushions aren't available on the Scholl website but I bought mine at Boots.

Very good they are too.  I'm now confident again about this year's major races.

The results are now available from last Sunday's Fountain's 10k.  They show that my actual time was 41:53 which represents an age graded time of 37:29.  Both of those times are my best since the Horsforth 10k on 27 September 2008.  This means that last weekend's race was my M45 personal best.

Further details of all my races are available on this page.

All the best to William Sichel and Heather Foundling Hawker for the 6 day race in which they are currently competing.  Full details are available on William's website.  Including live coverage of the whole event via webcam ... wonderful.

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