Sunday, 22 May 2011

a few minor things

Not enough time for a large post but here are a few short pieces:

The Commonwealth Championships website now has details of the course for the 24 hour race.  It seems excellent but I'm a little worried about the two tight turns.  There will also be a few open races and lots of other things happening between 23 and 25 September.  It promises to be a good few days.

I've now stopped using the ball of foot cushion mentioned in a previous post.  My left foot seems back to normal again.

Also mentioned in a post a few months ago was my weight.  At that time it was about 130 pounds but I'm please to say that now it's down to the more usual 126 pounds.  Pleased about that as the thought of carrying an extra 4 pounds for 100 miles or more isn't good.

It's Keir's birthday next Sunday and because I'd like to have that as a running free day I may take part in the Park Run 5k in Bradford on Saturday - running to and from of course.

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