Tuesday, 8 February 2011

still here ...

Not much to write about.  I'm just letting you all know that I'm still here and have almost finalised my racing plans for this year (and maybe next ...).

Feeling very good at the moment, rehab has gone very well.  Ran for 55 minutes this morning and my knee has been fine.  Lots of cycling and weights almost daily to help with strength and aerobic fitness.

It looks highly likely that I'll move onto a proper training program in a few days time.  Beginning on Saturday actually.

Last night Keir sprung a surprise ... on Saturday he's going with his mates to Sconce scout camp (on the moors near Baildon - see map below) and he wants me to go with him - he's not sure how to find it !!! - he said:

"I know you won't mind dad, you can run home after you've left me ..."

Thanks, son.

Can anyone suggest a suitable 13 mile route from Sconce to Otley ?

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