Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm Back ...

Everything is progressing really well here in Wharfedale.  On Tuesday I ran with the club for the first time this year.  As there wasn't an appropriate group planning to run at my pace and distance (about 7 miles at about 8:30 per mile) I decided to run with the medium - fast group and managed 8 miles in about an hour ... easily ... no problems at all.  I'm obviously a bit fitter than I thought.  All that cross training no doubt.

Yesterday morning I began the walking training as mentioned in a previous post.  This is not strolling but keeping up the pace and maintaining form for a whole hour.  On a hilly route I managed over 3.6 miles which is OK for the first one.

Then it was over an hour with weights in the afternoon and stretching in the evening.  Not to mention knee rehab exercises which I'm still doing three times every day ... and I'll continue with them for quite a while yet.

This morning I ran just over 10k at a slowish pace and at the moment I'm feeling really good.

Especially as there may be one or two things to announce next week if all goes to plan.

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