Saturday, 12 February 2011

knee officially repaired

Today was the first day out of rehab.  The run was over 13 miles as mentioned in the last blog and the route I finally chose was ...

... well, for some reason the actual route isn't shown on the map but it was:  south through Baildon to the A6038 where I turned NE towards Guiseley.  I diverted via Esholt before running up Hollins Hill and turning right at the top towards the centre of Guiseley.  Ran along the A65 to Burley (but took in a loop around Menston on my way past) and then ran along the main road back to Otley.

About 13.2 miles - my longest run since bore Christmas (over 7 weeks ago) - and over 80% further than any other run in that time period.  The knee is holding up well.  Very pleased.

Last night was my club's Annual Presentation Evening.  I didn't win any of the awards this year although in the past I have won stuff for the handicap competition as well as the prestigious President's Trophy.  Beginning last year it has become custom for the President to also present small awards to all those who broke club records during the year.  Again mine was rather larger than the others but I'm not sure that's fair really ... it's just that the nature of my races mean that I'm more likely to break a few records in the same race.  For example 10k runners wouldn't beat the club 5 mile record in their race simply because the 5 mile split isn't recorded.

Congratulations to all the winners this year.

Photos and videos from the event can be found on the club's website.

Received an email this afternoon which reminded me that I forgot to mention in a previous post that the latest edition of the e-magazine Ultrarunning World is now available -  a very good read it is too.  Sorry Abichal.

Anyway, that email was a big surprise and I'm sure he won't mind me reproducing it here:  "Ey up Chris! I have just taken a look at the current issue of the online magazine can be read on It was quite new for me, I hadn't heard about it before. Anyway, I didn't really have too much time to investigate it, however i have seen an article written by you, and when i looked at the snaps, i said: "Oh, i know him from Brive, from the 24h world cup" (I was one of the supporters of the Hungarian National Team) Adam."

Brilliant !!!

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John Kynaston said...

Good to read you're knee is feeling better.