Saturday, 16 January 2010

future plans coming together - slowly

Weather here is getting much better now.  The snow has almost gone and temperatures are above freezing again.

Running has been much easier although I do think the past few weeks have offered unexpected benefits in the form of extra strength training - for body and mind.

As far as racing goes, there are one of two things in the pipeline - all in the very early planning stages at present.  The first of them is the World Championships 24 hr in Brive for which I hope to be selected to represent UK.

[Although I wouldn't be surprised if the selectors decided against sending a full team].

There is also an interesting document on England Athletics website.  It is entitled '2010 Selection Policy Ultra Distance' and qualifying criteria are specified for 50k, 100k and 24 hours.  Does this mean England are planning to send a team to a 24 hr race later this year ?  If so, which one ?

I note that the A Standard has been set at 225 km. I ran 231 km only four months ago and 228 km in October 2009 so I see no problems at all for selection to an England team this year.

The document can be found here. Click the link on the right hand side of that page.

Also planning for next year - and even 2012.  A 48 hr race is probable for 2012 and another very long charity run for the year after.

In the meantime there's lots more to achieve - the foremost being 150 miles in 24 hours.

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