Wednesday, 6 January 2010

bad weather

Training is continuing as normally as possibly in this prolonged spell of snowy and exceptionally cold weather. The photo below, taken by Martin Bland, is from a large city not too far from where I live.

A quicker training run isn't easy at the moment but ... things are progressing very well thank you.

Just heard on the tv weather forecast that we've got at least another ten days of this snowy and cold weather.

On a slightly different subject ... statistics from this well respected German website referring to 2009 show that my ranking for 24 hr races has progressed from number 56 in the world (2008) to number 44.

Similarly my European ranking has moved from 45 (in 2008) to 32 but my UK ranking has fallen from 3 to 4 [because of Richard Quennell's fantastic run at Tooting Bec in October].

Overall these stats show a marked improvement from me ... but I know there's much more to come yet.

Now for the weird and unexpected stuff.

During my Run To London I covered 218 miles (350 km) in 45 hours.  If I had covered that distance in a 48 hour race my rankings for 2009 would have been:

world ... 8
Europe ... 6
UK ... 1
England ... 1

Well impressed by this and these stats give me lots of hope for a good debut in a proper 48 hr race in 2011 or 2012.

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