Friday, 3 April 2009


Finally got around to updating this page. Yes, I know ... I'll try very hard to update it more frequently in future.

In the meantime though - see you in Stockport on Sunday (some of you anyway).

Meanwhile here's a sad story totally unrelated to running. Over the past six years or so we've had a pair of blackbirds nesting in the garden. They're only here between February and September but every year they come back and build a nest in the tree, lay some eggs, etc, etc. It's been lovely watching the chicks grow.

A couple of days ago I found a dead blackbird in one of the corners. It hadn't been attacked by another animal so I suppose it had succumbed to old age or illness. I don't even know if it's the one who comes back every year to raise his family. With the decent weather returning now though it'll be strange if I don't see the blackbird family regularly.

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