Saturday, 18 April 2009


For the past nine months or so Keir has been progressing towards his Duke of Edinbugh bronze award. Among other things he has been studying Latin in evening classes and training for a 5k race.

The training has taken about three months during which time he's run three or four times a week and he seems to have enjoyed it. He's certainly been committed ... going out in all weathers, including running through snow drifts on Otley Chevin when it would have been more sensible to turn back and take an alternative route.

Well the 5k race was today in Leeds at Hyde Park and he finished in 77th position with 25:24. He enjoyed himself and no doubt gained a lot of self confidence from the fact that there were 63 finishers behind him.

I'm proud of him ...

For his silver award he may train for a 10k race at the start of next year.

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