Thursday, 13 November 2008

Next year's races

Hello again

Began the strength and conditioning exercises earlier this week - at a reduced level of course.

Ran 10 miles yesterday and 10 miles again today with no ill effects at all ... pleased with that. On course for a relaxing 40 miles this week before training steps up a bit next week.

Almost finalised my racing plans for next year, between January and September there are over 200 races in Europe and from these I've picked a short list of 17 which are:

8 Mar - Barry 40, Wales
20 Mar - indoor spring 48hr, Brno, Czech Republic
21 Mar - Rennes 24hr, France
28 Mar ? - St Catherine's Hospice 12hr, Crawley, England
5 Apr - A Coventry Way Challenge, England
7 Apr - Athens International Ultramarathon Festival (72hr), Greece
8 Apr - Athens International Ultramarathon Festival (48hr), Greece
11 Apr - St Fons 24hr, France
1 May - Sene 24hr, France
2 May - 24 ore del Delfino, Ciserano, Italy
9 May - Steenbergen 24hr, Netherlands
9 May - Torrejon de Ardoz 24hr, near Madrid, Spain
9 May - Basle 24hr, Switzerland
24 May ? - Anglo Celtic Plate 100k, UK or Ireland
11 Jun - Antibes 48hr, France
12 Jun - Antibes 24hr, France
11 Jul - East Hull Harriers 24h, England

Still plan to use shorter races (5k - 10 miles) as speedwork or incorporate them into a long run. This worked well in 2008.

After two or three of these it's the Commonwealth Championships in Keswick, UK (assuming I'm selected) then another race toward the end of 2009. No idea which as yet.

Beginning to update all the stuff on this site now.

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